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Cohabitation Enquiries

Quite often people contact us when they want proof of a partner cheating. Mac-Investigations are also used at a later stage, after a divorce, when evidence is needed to show one party has lied to the courts.


There is sometimes need to have a former partner put under surveillance, and that is usually to prove cohabitation. In most cases, once a divorce is complete, one party (the one with a higher income) will be ordered by the courts to make a maintenance payment to the other party.


Unfortunately not everyone is honest, not even in front of a judge, and some will lie. Occasionally they will understate their income, but more commonly, they fail to declare they are living with a new partner. For the person ordered to make the maintenance payments, this can be quite unsavoury to experience, especially if the other party insists in court that they live alone.


By contacting Mac-Investigations you are taking the first step towards resolving the issue. Our highly experienced professional investigators will know how to get the evidence you need to prove cohabitation, and satisfy the courts that the other party is indeed being dishonest.


Mac-Investigations will discuss details with the client at length in order to ensure the most cost effective approach is used. Often in a cohabitation investigation we would begin with a period of surveillance. Photographic or video evidence would be obtained from the property in question. It must be shown that a person is staying at the address most of the time, to convince a court they live there. For that reason our private detectives will attend the property daily for around 5 days. We would advise repeating the exercise a few weeks later to gain further evidence and show that the cohabitation is an ongoing thing. Once this side of the enquiry is completed we would then make discreet enquiries locally to gain other evidence of the cohabitation.


Mac-Investigations will then provide a detailed report in a format that is admissible as evidence in court. This is the stage where it really matters that you employ a professional firm of private detectives. All too often clients spend large sums of money to gain evidence, to find out in court that due to the investigators incompetence, it is all inadmissible. Not only that, but the other person is then aware of what is happening and will take steps to ensure no further investigation will uncover any evidence.


Mac-Investigations are happy to deal with a private client directly, or through their legal


When contacting Mac-Investigations you will speak with an experienced Investigator who will be able to advise you.


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