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Lie Detector Test

▪️ Do you have a feeling you are being lied to? 


▪️ Do you need to prove you are innocent, or need a lie detector test to move on in your relationship? 


We provide a range of lie detector test services tailored to the situation and we will always work with you ensuring full confidentiality. Don’t settle for second best, let Mac-Investigations find the truth.


Lie Detector Tests For Relationships


When it comes to matters of the heart it can be difficult for all those involved to determine whether there is truth, deception or simply unsubstantiated miscommunication. Our Sexual Contact and infidelity Lie Detector Test formats involve a critical three stage path which develops a core understanding of the relationship in the pre-test interview and phone consultation and then derives an impartial and holistic approach through the polygraph and psychometric element before providing the client or all parties where consented to a full and thorough report and conclusion. We pride ourselves on accuracy and mutual respect for all relationships and people. 


Although we cannot advise you as a marriage therapist we can indeed provide you with the necessary factual tools to then decide on an amicable solution. On average in couples tested we have found 70% have been able to maintain and repair a relationship after the test as the truthfulness helps to rebuild the trust. Mac-Investigations is a recognised leading polygraph test provider in the United Kingdom. We conduct thoroughly professional tests and spend the necessary  time and care to make sure your matter is resolved correctly. Our examiners are vastly experienced and take continual training to maintain the highest level of accuracy.

Areas Of Expertise


Relationship Lie Detector test

Our relationship  test is ideal to resolve accusations of cheating, adultery or to prove or disprove sexual contact. We are highly skilled in this area with many years of polygraph field experience.


Private and business theft

 Our single or multiple private theft test can be used to resolve theft in a household, amongst friends or small /medium business or enterprise. Accuracy is well supported with our investigative background.


Infidelity lie detector test

 Our relationship test is ideal to resolve accusations of cheating, adultery or to prove or disprove sexual contact.


Employee fraud

 As an employer it is important to resolve fraud accusations in confidence without damage to public image. We can assist you.


Dispute resolution

 In a business partnership or employer/employee relationship we can help to decipher and verify truth and assess credibility in addition to the integrity of personnel involved.


When contacting Mac-Investigations you will speak with an experienced Investigator who will be able to advise you.


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