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Company Theft

Mac-Investigators can provide surveillance and undercover workers to assist you in figuring out who is behind these thefts. Giving you a chance, as the employer, to avoid passing the blame to innocent parties. Instead, with the compiled evidence provided by your case handler, you will be able to find out who is stealing from you and go ahead with your desired disciplinary actions.


Theft in the workplace costs more than the monetary value of the stolen goods/cash. In fact, the cost of replacement goods or funds and the time and costs of internal HR staff to deal with these problems can quickly add up to significant amounts.


In fact, theft in the workplace is not just about physically stealing something. Everything from data breaches to stolen company software can be classed as theft. Just because something is not tangible, it does not mean it is not stealing.


Workplace thefts can happen at any business and any level. Shop workers are handling cash directly from the customers all the way to senior managerial staff that have access to large amounts of money or expensive property.



How to Confront Someone About Stealing From Your Company


Many people state that when confronted with evidence that proves they have stolen from the company they work for, they simply say the reason they did it was that it was so easy. Hiring an investigator to figure out the culprit behind the thefts in your company will not only allow you to dismiss untrustworthy employees but also prevent thefts from being so easy to happen again.


Confronting someone with theft requires evidence, and our investigators will compile concrete results for you to use as part of your confrontation between your HR and employee. Handling a matter of theft correctly in the workplace is imperative. Otherwise, your company could be liable for complex legal issues.


Our investigations are carried out within the parameters of UK law and legislation. Our highly skilled team can help you get to the bottom of suspected cases of theft in your business.


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Talk to Mac-Investigations today to find out how our expert team of investigators can assist you. From a range of military, private security and corporate environments our operatives are fully trained, highly skilled and fast-acting to help your business when it needs it most.


Detailed reports will be provided giving you regular updates on the status of your case. Our team can advise you on the best course of action and further investigate anything that we may find that could be harming your business.


Our investigative team has helped various businesses of all sizes understand their workforce and deal with underlying issues that they may not be aware of.

When contacting Mac-Investigations you will speak with an experienced Investigator who will be able to advise you.


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